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Plasma etch of SU-8 photoresist


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SU-8 Ashing and sacrificial layer removal in the fabrication of MEMS

SU-8 Ashing
Sacrificial Layer removal
Courtesy of SNU, Korea Courtesy Of University of Texas at Dallas

Efficient SU-8 Ashing and
sacrificial layer removal

SU-8 photoresist has many remarkable properties that are ideally suited for use in the fabrication of MEMS and microfluidic devices. Among the many merits of this photoresist for MEMS manufacture, is its chemical stability, which makes it difficult to remove. PVA TePla has successfully developed a plasma process and system technology to remove SU-8 with dry plasma ashing. Also for removing sacrificial layers, the isotropic etch property of microwave plasma is of advantage to undercut the top layer.

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