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PVA TePla America manufactures high tech plasma systems for the semiconductor, lifescience, and industrial industries ranging from systems for the production of silicon crystals for the semiconductor and opto-eleletronic industry to systems for plasma treatment in the semiconductor assembly.


Microwave Plasma System

Microwave Plasma System

Microwave generated plasma is the superior plasma technology for microchip fabrication. A microwave plasma system creates an etching process, which is very isotropic and behaves very similar to a wet stripping process. The very high electron density and low kinetic ion energy makes this process ideal for removal of polymers while causing very little surface damage.

IoN 40 Universal

RF Plasma System

RF plasma is the most widely used and versatile plasma technology, and is applied to a broad spectrum of industrial and medical applications. Material surfaces that require cleaning, coating or chemical modification are immersed into the energetic environment of an RF plasma system.

Atomospheric Plasma System

Atmospheric Plasma System

Plasma made from atmospheric air is highly oxidative. Layers of absorbed molecules, such as oil and water on metallic surfaces, are easily removed with this type of plasma technology. Plastics are oxidized at the surface. This type of treatment to plastics increases the wettability and adhesion of inks and glues by increasing the surface engergy.



Our Wafer Metrology equipment offer unique stress/defect analysis and ion implantation monitoring for quality inspection of 300 mm wafers for high volume manufacturers.

Crystal Pullers, Solar


PVA TePla designs and manufactures state-of-art Czochralski type Si pullers, (EKZ series), Vertical Gradient Freeze furnaces (VGF series), as well as Floatzone systems (FZ series).

Used Plasma Equipment

Used Equipment

PVA TePla offers certified used equipment at a discount price. Our certification will guarantee a reliable machine for your application for the first year.

Surplus Material

Spare parts are essential for system up time. PVA TePla periodical post surplus material. Buy Oils, filters, and O-rings from PVA TePla.

Product Notifications

Product Notifications

Safety notifications for our products will be posted here. Please check this section periodically. Or you can call our customer service department for the latest product notifications.

Legacy Plasma Systems

Legacy Plasma Systems

We are the experts and OEM of these legacy plasma systems under this section. We can upgrade control systems and provide new controlling software, if needed, to all plasma systems listed in our legacy plasma system section.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

These well ventilated, cool running pumps minimize oil backstreaming and thermal degradation, resulting in a lower cost of operation. The positive oil feed system affords optimal pump lubrication, allowing greater tolerance for oil level changes and the use of a variety of fluids to satisfy diverse applications.

Contact Angle Goniometer

Contact Angle Measurement Goniometers

Contact angle measure is very important, because it is a good indication of surface energy within your material being tested. PVA Tepla and Kruss can help you select the correct goniometer for your project.


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