GIGAfab - Single Wafer Ashing System
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GIGAfab Modular

Technical Specifications:

Process Chamber

Process Gas Supply
2 gas channels included, 2 optional

Vacuum Gauge
MKS Baratron capacitance manometer

Pressure Control
Down-stream control valve

Wafer Loading
•Fully automatic wafer handling,
•3-axis robot with vacuum end
•effector and wafer mapper,
•optional double arm robot
•Maximum Wafer Size 200 mm

Plasma Generation
•Proprietary microwave source
•2.45 GHz, maximum power 1000 W

End Point Detection
Optical emission EPD, plasma

System Control
PC-based controller, with graphical
user interface

Operating System
QNX real time platform

Program Features
•Manual or automatic operation,
•multiple recipe storage (1-10 steps each),
•user password, self test routines,
•Warning and error messaging
•Real time process monitoring,
•On-screen display of graphic plots,
•Data logging, export of process data

Interfaces Ethernet,
USB, RS232 interface

System State Signal
Light tower R/Y/G/buzzer

230/400 V, 50/60 Hz,
3 phase, N, PE, 3 x 15 A
installed power approx. 12 kW
Process Gas, Vent
1-2 bar (15–30 psi), 1/4” Swagelok
Compressed Air
6 mm Festo QS, 4-6 bar, (60-90 psi)
4 mm Festo QS, <20kPa, 50 l/min
CE-certified, Semi S2/S8 compliant

Dimensions (W/D/H)
One chamber
(straight) 750 x 1500 x 1850 mm
(30” x 59” x 73”)
One chamber
(angle) 1200 x 950 x 1850 mm
(48” x 38” x 73”)
Three chamber
1750 x 1500 x 1850 mm
(69” x 59” x 73”)

One chamber
450kg (990 lbs)
Two chambers
650kg (1450 lbs
Three chambers
850kg (1870 lbs)

•Vacuum Pump (one per chamber)
•SECS GEM factory automation interface

GIGAfab Modular


Single Wafer Asher with proprietary Microwave Plasma Source

The Automatic Single Wafer Asher GIGAfab LED is designed to serve fabrication of opto-electronics, MEMS and power devices. It is equipped with a unique microwave plasma source for high uniformity, providing highly productive processing across a wide temperature range.

The modular platform can be configured for 100, 150 or 200 mm wafer size with multiple cassette stations and up to three process chamber modules. Each process chamber features a gravity wafer chuck with lift pins for loading and unloading. It is thermoelectrically controlled from 65°C to 250°C. Wafers are loaded and unloaded by an atmospheric robot with dual arm configuration for highest throughput. A cooling plate allows cool down of the wafers prior to re-loading into the plastic cassettes. The chamber lid is easy to open for maintenance access (clam shell opening).

System performance

Wafer throughput: varying from 30-180 wafer/hour, depending on process and number of process chamber modules. Temperature range for stripping: 100-250°C Uniformity: +/- 7.5% across 200 mm for Descum


  • Resist strip and Descum for opto-electronics and MEMS
  • Sacrificial layer removal of, polyimide, PMMA etc.
  • Fast resist ashing after high-dose Implant and RIE


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