Scanning Acoustic Microscope Systems
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Scanning Acoustic Microscope Systems

Making Waves in Acoustic Microscopy Since 1984

Acoustic Microscopy
Seeing with Sound Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
Scanning Acoustic Microscopes designed by PVA TePla Analytical Systems
PVA TePla Analytical Systems designs and manufactures state of the art Scanning Acoustic Microscopes. Technological developments have focused on the detection of structural defects and materials characterization within opaque materials. Voids, inclusions, delaminations, cracks and even density variations are all defects sensitive to the technique of acoustic microscopy.
Acoustic Microscopy
Why Use Scanning Acoustic Microscopy?
The main feature of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) is its ability to non-destructively examine the interior of opaque materials with the resolution of an optical light microscope. The demand for non-destructive imaging and materials analysis has increased significantly in recent times. For instance, quality control Inspection and process optimization are paramount for the semiconductor, microelectronics and MEMS industries where SAM technology is now fast becoming the technique of choice. PVA TePla Analytical Systems excels in innovations and developments of advanced solutions applications using Scanning Acoustic Microscopy for both laboratory and production environments.
Acoustic Microscopy
Proprietary Transducer Technology
The resolution of SAM is critical to its application and depends heavily on the transducer technology. PVA TePla Analytical Systems designs and manufactures unique transducers using proprietary thin film technology. From this development a new generation of transducers arose with the world’s widest frequencies ranging from 3 to 2000 MHz. As a result PVA TePla is now the global leader in image resolution and analytical capabilities.
Acoustic Microscopy
Global Service and Support Network
When it comes to after sales and applications support, PVA TePla Analytical System’s has an extensive global network with laboratories in Europe, US and Asia. Our experienced application engineers are dedicated to their profession and and have a deep understanding of our customers needs.
Acoustic Microscopy
Designed to Scan
In addition to our proprietary transducer technology, PVA TePla Analytical Systems’ scanners are designed to adapt to a broad range of applications:
►Ultra fast linear motion scanners with high acceleration allow both high throughput and precise scans.
► In-line inspections in production environments are performed by fully integrated automated systems.
► Ultra-high resolutions (>1μm) are achieved with our dedicated laboratory systems.
Acoustic Microscopy
Product Platform Strategy
One of our major success factors is the development of a common platform of shared components upon which we configure hardware according to the customer’s needs. The benefit passed on to our customers include:
► High performance / price ratio.
► Improved serviceability resulting in affordable cost of ownership.
►Upgradable components and easy field retrofits.

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