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Microwave Plasma System 800

Technical Specifications:

Plasma Chamber: Ceramic, Diameter 296 mm

Plasma Generation: Two MW-Sources, Frequency 2.45 GHz, max. 1600 Watt, variable Power

System Dimension: W x H x D = 740 x 2.100 x 1.140 mm Weight: 300 kg

Options: SMIF

Related Applications:

  • Photoresist Ashing


    Microwave Plasma System PS 800

    This cutting-edge, highly productive system for 200mm wafer fabs is equipped with a very fast loading system and a ceramic chamber. Like the 300 series, the PS 800 is the perfect solution for removing photoresist masks or for other kind of wafer cleaning processes. The integrated wafer handling unit permits simultaneous loading with 25 wafers from cassette. A minimum cleanroom space consumption is assured by the compact dimensions. The operating costs of the PC-controlled system are attractively low.

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