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Plasma Coating

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Coating Types

Hydrophilic (non-lubricious)

  • Carboxyl  (Acrylic acid)
  • amine (1◦, 2◦ or 3◦) 
    (allylamine or possibly NH3)
  • alcohol  (allyl alcohol)

Hydrophobic (CA = 90-120◦)

Superhydrophobic (CA > 150◦)

  • Pulse plasma  (fluoropolymer)
  • Differential etching  (many)

Quartz-like barrier coating (flexible)

  •  [Six-(CH3)y-Oz]  (HMDSO/O2)

Diamond-like Coating




Vertellus Biomaterials - Biocompatible PC Technology™ Coatings

Vertellus Biomaterials has an exclusive licence to supply biocompatible PC Technology materials in healthcare applications. PC is short for phosphorylcholine, the chemical name of the predominant polar head group found in cell membrane phospholipids. PC is zwitterionic; that is it contains both positive and negative charges but is overall charged balanced. The high polarity results in hydration of the PC group and this tightly held water layer makes it difficult for proteins and cells to irreversibly bind to a PC surface.

By virtue of its anti-fouling nature, PC materials have been shown to improve the biocompatibility and performance of medical devices through reduced:

  • protein deposition and activation
  • blood activation and thrombus formation
  • bacterial adhesion and biofilm deposition
  • inflammatory response
  • fibrous capsule formation


PC Technology is used in the manufacture of contact lenses, drug-eluting coronary stents, urological devices, soft tissue implants and in numerous other applications. Devices incorporating PC have been marketed in the US for over 12 years and the materials are the subject of FDA masterfiles. PC Polymers can be formulated to provide materials with a range of physical and chemical properties and all have demonstrated improved biocompatibility.

The table below provides an indication of the types of materials which have been commercialised.


PC Polymer



Typical Applications


Cross-linked PC coating

High durability, drug delivery matrix

Drug-eluting stents, urology, otology devices


‘Standard’ non cross-linked PC coating

Easily applied, stable coating

Guide wires, CPB systems, blood processing devices


Cross-linked PC coating with instant wettability

High surface energy, self-priming surfaces

Blood filtration and processing


Cross-linked PC coating with low level of positive charge

Binds heparin to form anti-thrombogenic coating

Blood filtration and processing


Cross-linked PC coating with high level of positive charge

Matrix for delivery of high Mw drugs

Drug-eluting stents


Vinyl functional in-mould PC coating

Applied to curable materials e.g. silicones

Otology devices


Cross-linked PC hydrogel

Bulk material for moulding

Contact lenses


Flexible PC hydrogel with high refractive index

Bulk material for moulding

Contact lenses

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