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Vacuum Pump Fluid


Vacuum Pump Oil

Vacuum Pump Flushing Fluid for rotary vane pumps

This flushing fluid was developed to improve and simplify cleaning procedures for VRC Rotary Vane Pumps. This low viscosity fluid will flush out particulates and residuals that usually settle in the bottom of pumps. Flushing with VPF-1000 is recommended during oil changes before the addition of the new fluid as part of a regular preventive maintenance program. Such regular use improves the service life of all mechanical pumps. It is recommended that the pump be drained while hot, filled with flushing fluid and run for about 10 minutes to properly flush. The pump is then immediately drained again and refilled with our VPO-3000.
Vacuum Pump Oil, VPO-300 for Rotary vane pumps This hydrocarbon vacuum pump fluid is intended for use in VRC Rotary Vane Pumps. Our VPO- 3000 fluid is a narrow cut distillation fraction that gives good ultimate vacuum with low backstreaming yet it provides the excellent lubrication needed for long pump life. VPO-3000 is a good choice in a wide variety of general and special vacuum services that require frequent pumpdown cycles including optical film coating, heat treating furnaces, vacuum ovens, decorative coatings by evaporation, sputtering and LPCVD.


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