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Sinter HIP

The Sinter HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) is our economical system with the same sinter capability. The Sinter HIP also has some great advantages over the larger system. Faster chamber heating times, economic chamber design.

Our Sinter HIP furnace combines sintering and hipping processes in one chamber capable of producing final products/components starting with complex precision parts. This process allows for the production of high value-added metallic, oxide and non-oxide ceramics materials with near 100% density with improved mechanical properties at a economical cost. 

Today Sinter HIP furnaces widely used in the aerospace, military, oil & gas, automotive, electronics, marine and other markets.
PVA TePla’s offers a range of furnaces designs allow the processing of void free super alloys. Our equipment provides many advantages over the competitors.

Sinter HIP

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