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Vacuum Furnace technology: Graphite Heated, Metallic Heated

Vacuum brazing produces stronger and longer lasting joints that are leak tight, have minimal distortion while maintaining a clean bright surface. Typical alloys used in our vacuum brazing furnaces are copper and copper alloys, nickel alloys, silver alloys and gold and other precious metals. Our multi-chamber brazing furnace is ideally suited for the economic brazing of mass parts.

Multi-chamber brazing furnace ABI

The multi-chamber brazing furnace ABI is ideally suited for the economic brazing of mass parts. Originally this system has been developed for the brazing of metal-ceramic over voltage arrestors (Arrestor Brazing In-Line). Palettes of approximately 250x250mm loaded with parts for brazing are automatically charged into the first furnace chamber and there evacuated and pre-heated before being transported into the brazing chamber permanently conditioned for the process. When the brazing cycle has been completed rapid cooling takes place before locking out.

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