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Vacuum Furnace Technology: Casting Furnaces.

PVA TePla has an economic solution for the inductive melting of materials under vacuum protective gas-atmosphere and casting. Our systems are cold-wall furnaces of corrosion-resistant stainless steel with water-cooled double wall vessel. The melting and casting device consists of an induction coil with coaxial power and coolant feedthrough and mould table. The material of the applied crucibles is adapted to the melting material. If the melting material is non-reactive with carbon, crucibles made of graphite or clay-graphite can be used. Where required, crucibles of high-melting metals may also be employed to ensure the melting material does not react with the crucible material. In such cases, the crucible acts as a secondary winding for power induction.

Such crucibles are made of oxide-ceramic for use with carbon-reactive metals. Then the power is directly induced into the melting metal. Power is supplied by static medium-frequency converter systems. A vacuum melting and casting system is mainly comprised of: the furnace chamber, the vacuum pump, the power supply and the control cabinet, the melting and casting device as well as a vacuum lock for melt manipulations.

Melting And Casting Furnace

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