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Vacuum furnace technology: Metal Heated (MOV)

PVA Tepla America’s Furnaces provide the best treatment for making your material with the highest ductility and malleability based on our tensile strength test. Our annealing process is performed in stages that allow the proper recovery, recentralization, and grain growth within our furnaces. Our unique hydrogen drying oven  is a process completed at the end of the manufacturing process. Hydrogen annealing helps materials by removing impurities, such as Carbon and Sulphur. Removing these elements enables the growth of Nickel’s crystalline structure and reduces stress and the grains boundaries. Once the annealing process is completed, the material must be handled with care to prevent shock or vibration because of the sensitivity of the newly formed crystal grain structure.

A Hydrogen Drying Oven H2 is a resistance heat-treating furnace and hydrogen drying furnance which is equipped with a gas circulation system which serves to accelerate the drying process of hard metal parts in a hydrogen rich environment. A modern SPS is integrated to enable Monitoring of the load being treated and to enhance the safety of operation. An adjustable gas distribution system in the furnace interior enables an even andconstant laminar gas flow from the rear of the furnace to the chamber door at temperatures of up to 5432 °F.

Industrial Furnace Annealing

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