IoN-Implant Dose Monitoring
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Twin Metrology System


  • Wafer Sizes: 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 300 mm

  • Throughput 10 wph typically at 121 site map

  • Housing: Stainless Steel, clean room class 1 compatible.

  • Laser Safety: Class 1

  • Power Requirements: 230 Volts, 3, 50/60 Hz 8 amps maximum.

  • CE Certified

  • Semi S2/S8 Cerified

Handling Options:

  • Open cassette handling
  • Bridging tool for different wafer sizes
  • SMIF or FOUP load port optional

Related Applications:

  • Implant Dosage
  • Ion-implant dose monitoring


    Ion-Implant Dose Monitoring

    PVA TePla AG offers two kinds of the most advanced quality monitoring technologies for semiconductor production control: the SIRD for mechanical stress measurement and the TWIN for ion-implant dose monitoring. All of our systems are fully 300mm compatible and comply with all requirements of class 1 clean room and factory automation.


    TWIN Monitoring of the Implant Process
    The Implant process is a very critical step within the integrated circuits manufacturing line. It defines important characteristics and properties of the devices-to-be by doping certain layers of the silicon substrate. Rework processes are is very difficult and often impossible to apply. Therefore, the constant quality monitoring of the implant process is inevitable in order to secure the constant device yield. The result of the implant process can be measured and qualified on monitor and on product wafers. The TWIN’s measurement range covers the entire range from 10E10 to 5E16 dose level at the implant energy level from 1keV bis 100 MeV.

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