Silicon Crystal Pullers and Silicon Crackers
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Silicon crystal pullers


a crystal pulling method in which a growing single crystal is initially pulled by a seed chuck and subsequently pulled by lifting jig in the middle of the pulling operation Silicon Cracker of a Single Silicon Ingot Solar Silicon Furnance


Czochralski Silicon Crystal Pullers and SI Crackers

PVA TePla designs and manufactures state-of-art Czochralski type Si pullers, (EKZ series), Vertical Gradient Freeze furnaces (VGF series), as well as Floatzone systems (FZ series). The complete products are featured with German-engineered designs, premier quality manufacturing and integrated automatic control capabilities, which enable our customers to produce high quality silicon ingots at the lowest reduced cost of ownership (CoO) within the industry.

Crystal Growing Systems

Our patented Silicon Thermal Cracking systems allows for metal-contamination-free and high throughput cracking of virgin poly-Si and remelt Si materials. With simple operations, the production throughput is about 10 times more than that of conventional cracking methods,  up to 2-3 tons of Si materials per day. Also, proprietary process control capabilities enable precise control over the sizes of cracked Si chunks, ranging from chip size to baseball size and allowing for more close packing of Si feed in crucibles.


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