Failure Analysis, SIRD

SIRD Metrology System

  • Wafer Sizes: 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 300 mm

  • Throughput: Full wafer image (normal resolution, 300 mm-wafer), 5 min. 10 wafer /hour typical.

  • Housing: Stainless Steel, clean room class 1 compatible.

  • Laser Safety: Class 1

  • Power Requirements: 230 volts, 3ø, 50/60 Hz 8 amps maximum.

  • CE Certified

  • Semi S2/S8 certified

Handling options:

• Robot with vacuum handling,
• pre-aligner and slot scanner,
• optional as bridging tool or with
SMIF / FOUP load port

SIRD A 300 P
Robot with edge gripper,
FOSB load port, CIMS Interface

Related Applications:

  • Stress Imaging

    SIRD A 300 SIRD M

    SIRD for Mechanical Stress Measurement

    PVA TePla AG offers two kinds of the most advanced quality monitoring technologies for semiconductor production control: the SIRD for mechanical stress measurement and the TWIN for ion-implant dose monitoring. All of our systems are fully 300mm compatible and comply with all requirements of class 1 clean room and factory automation.

    The SIRD is a Wafer Level Stress Imaging System

    The introduction of the 300mm wafers has required further fab refinements, bringing also new standards for the suppliers of such of bare wafers: Increasing from 200 mm to 300mm diameter, the wafer has more than doubled it's surface area and weight, however the thickness has remained very much the same, increasing substantially the risk of breakage. Where a 300mm wafer has embedded some high level of internal mechanical tensions (stress), this will significantly increase the breakage probability during the IC manufacturing process along with all the implied very costly consequences. Therefore, the early detection of stressed wafers and prevention of breakage has gained more and more attention. Additionally, wafer stress does also has a negative influence on Silicon crystal lattice characteristics.

    The SIRD is a wafer level stress imaging system contributing to cost reduction as well as yield improvement.

    As production and measurement of prime grade wafers require a more sophisticated system, the SIRD A 300 P has been created to cater for the special needs of handling such wafers and interface with the production environment in a class 1 clean room.

    The new features are:
    - handling with edge grabber
    - optimized support rings
    - higher class filters
    - additional FFU on handling unit
    - RFID reader
    - FOSB load port
    - OHT interface

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