Plasma Cleaning, Etching, Activation
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Plasma Cleaning wafers and Chip Carriers


Plasma Based Solutions:

Semiconductor wafer
Photoresist Ashing
Solar Cells
Solar Cell Etching
MEMS SU8 Ashing
Flat Panel Displays
Pixel Activation
FP Photoresist Ashing
Bond Finger Cleaning
Chip Packaging
Bond Pad Cleaning
Flip Chip Underfill
Wafer Metrology
Stress Imaging
Implant Dosage
Failure Analysis


Plasma applications in Integrated circuit manufacturing

PVA TePla AG specializes in advanced Plasma Systems for cleaning applications during fabrication of micro devices such as; power devices, HB-LED, MEMS, PLED, and photovoltaics. Front-End solutions include batch and single wafer systems for photoresist ashing and descum, as well as removal of polymers, SU-8 removal and sacrificial layers for MEMS fabrication.

Advanced Chip Packaging plasma applications include plasma wafer cleaning  for wafer level packaging, chip carrier plasma cleaning prior to wire bonding, encapsulation and Flip Chip underfill.

Plasma wafer processing also includes pre-Assembly solutions such as Wafer Stress Relief, Chip Side Healing (CSH) and passivation for ultra-thin wafer technologies down to 25µm thickness.

Our wafer metrology tools offer unique stress/defect analysis (SIRD) and ion implantation monitoring (TWIN) for quality inspection on 300mm wafers in high volume manufacturing.


Plasma Wafer Cleaning

Semiconductor wafer boat
Wafer Cleaning
Chip packager

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