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Plasma treatment of flat panel displays


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Surface wettability adjustment
for ink jet printing of PLEDs

Surface properties of the ITO electrode and the bank resist structure are critical to both the elec-trical and optical perfor-mance of PLED displays. To assure the best pixel formation and maximum luminosity, the ink jet printing of PLED materials requires a very specific surface pre-paration. This surface engineering is performed using PVA TePla’s unique planar microwave plasma techno-logy, producing precisely the desired surface energy on the bank structure and the ITO-surface. The TePla process allows to selectively generate hydrophilic and hydrophobic surface conditions for controlled pixel filling and ink flow. Additionally, increasing the ITO work-function prior to LEP deposition greatly improves the efficiency of charge transport into the organic layers.
The microwave planar plasma systems are designed particularly for uniform treatment of large substrates and are scalable to larger generation panel sizes.

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