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Tel: +49 (641) 686900

R & D Services
PVA Tepla provides a variety of R&D Services for Semiconductor and Industrial/Medical Applications at our Service Centers in the USA and Germany. Our Application experts will help finding the perfect process according to your needs.

PVA TePla AG in Germany provides R&D Services for Semiconductor Applications in order to find the perfect process parameters for your substrates. In our Metrology Labority we provide several devices to analyse the substrates right after processing.

PVA TePla America, Inc. provides R&D Services for Medical/Industrial Applications which are useful for the evaluation of coatings for simply to test a theory regarding surface properties. Using ESCA, the top 50 to 100 angstroms of a surface can be analyzed for atomic concentration (atom percent).

This is beneficial when working with plasma modified surfaces, since the depth of treatment is usually several hundred angstroms or less. All elements in the periodic table can be detected, with the exception of hydrogen. In addition, chemical state information can be derived.


Sample Request Form... If you are interested in submitting samples for analysis please download and fill out our sample request form or contact our customer service department at 1.800.527.5667 for more information.

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