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What is plasma?

Wafer in plasma chamber Plasma Electrode

Plasma is state of matter just as a solid, liquid or gas. Add enough energy to a gas and it partially ionizes into the fourth state of matter - PLASMA. Although found in virtually every home and business, gas plasma is not well known. In fact, plasma is quite common - it is estimated that 99% of the visible universe consists of plasma. Earthbound plasmas can be found in lightning strikes, fluorescent lighting, arc welders, and computer displays.

In PVA TePla America's plasma systems, we generate plasma by using electrical energy. This excitation process produces a soup of chemically active species at ambient temperatures that can induce chemical reactions on the surfaces of materials that are not possible under normal conditions. The collective properties of these highly active species can be controlled and harnessed to perform various surface treatments such as precision cleaning, activation for surface wettability, chemical functionalizing, coating deposition etc. PVA TePla America's expertise is in the way we control the properties of the plasma.

Our technology can alter surface properties without affecting the characteristics of the bulk material. To find out more about plasma surface modification, click on What is plasma video?, Applications - Semiconductor, or Applications - Industrial · Medical.

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