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Contract Plasma Service - Plasma treatment for contract manufacturing and rental machine services. PVA Tepla offers plasma contract services for Plasma Etching, Plasma Cleaning , Plasma Activation. Although the technique has been explored since the 1960s, it is only in the past couple of years that the benefits exposing polymers to partially ionized gas has garnered sufficient attention.

PVA TePla AG is an established supplier of systems and facilities for production and treatment of sophisticated industrial materials in vacuum, at high temp-eratures and gas plasma. This is also PVA TePla America, Inc. executive headquarters for the PVA TePla entity.

What is plasma?
Plasma is state of matter just as a solid, liquid or gas. Add enough energy to a gas and it partially ionizes into the fourth state of matter - Plasma. Although found in virtually every home and business, gas plasma is not well known. In fact, plasma is quite common - it is estimated that 99% of the visible universe consists of plasma. Earthbound plasmas can be found in lightning strikes, fluorescent lighting, arc welders, and computer displays.

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