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Microwave Gas Plasma System 210
  • Controller: Windows® O/S based touch screen interface offering fully automatic control.

  • Multi-step recipes, real time graphic display, multi-level password access, data logging, and real time SPC monitoring of all plasma parameters is provided.

  • Chamber: Quartz. Optional throttle valve available.

  • Microwave Power .

  • Display: Color 10.4 inch touch screen for control and monitoring of process parameters, automatic recipes, or manual plasma treatments.

  • Two user specified gases, with 500 sccm MFCs standard, Optional 3rd gas channel available.

  • Power Requirements: 120- 240 volts, 1ø, 50/60 Hz 30 amps maximum, changeable in the field.

  • CE Certified

Safety and Security

  • Electronic and software interlocks

  • · Microwave Power
    · Pressure
    · Chamber door open/close

  • Emergency OFF front and rear of reactor center and on wall box.

  • Password security for manual and edit modes.

  • Audible alarms.

  • Software alarm limits on critical process parameters.

  • Over-temperature alarm sensor (generator).

  • Hard-wired interlocked with process chamber door.

  • External interlock connection to extend 24 VAC control loop.

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  • The Microwave Plasma System 210 is our most popular full featured plasma surface modification system designed for laboratory and production use.

    The Microwave Plasma System 210 is ideal for:

    • Plasma surface modification
    • Plasma cleaning of organic surfaces
    • Bond strength enhancement
    • Plasma etch applications
    • Plasma asher applications
    • Increased or decreased wettability
    • Any other plasma system application

    The entire bench top system fits in one cabinet, except for the vacuum pump. Never before has a professional plasma etch system been this loaded with features and priced this affordably!

    This system was replaced by the ION Wave 10 system.

    Click here to view the ION Wave 10 System.

    Did you know that PVA TePla may be able to perform maintenance, repair, or provide parts to this system? Please contact our customer service department for further information.

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