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9200 RF Plasma System

  • Wafer Size: 4", 6", 8" capability

  • Capacity: 50 8 wafers, 50-75 6 wafers, 100 4 wafers.

  • Controller: Windows® O/S based touch screen interface offering fully automatic control. Multi-step recipes, real time graphic display, multi-level password access, data logging, and real time SPC monitoring of all plasma parameters is provided.

  • Chamber: Quartz, compatible with fluorinated chemistry. 12" diameter x 20" deep. External RF electrodes.

  • RF Generator: 1000 watt 13.56 MHz air cooled with automatic impedance matching network. Water cooled optional.

  • Process Pressure: Approx. 120 - 2000 mtorr.

  • Stainless Steel Plumbing.

  • Temperature Monitor: Quartz-coated thermocouple located in the process chamber.

  • Optical End Point Detector.

  • RS232 Interface.

  • Display: Color 12.1" touch screen for control and monitoring of process parameters, automatic recipes, or manual plasma treatments.

  • Two user specified gases, with 500 sccm Stainless Steel MFCs come standard with an optional 3rd and/or 4th gas channel available.

  • Power Requirements: 208 - 240 volts, 3ø, 50/60 Hz 5 wire "wye".

  • A NEMA-12 wall mounting enclosure with locking handle contains the system AC power control for the system and pump, allows for a single source drop for the complete system.

  • CE Certified.


The 9200 is a RF isotropic batch plasma etching/ashing system. Available with optional high temperature capabilities for photoresist removal, nitride etch, and other cleaning applications in semiconductor and MEMS fabs.

The 9200 offers:

  • Traditional quartz barrel design
  • 100, 150, & 200 mm wafer capability
  • Patented etch tunnel minimizes charge damage
  • Reliable operation
  • Through-wall mounting
  • Optical end point detection
  • Windows® based color touch screen interface
  • Easy maintenance

This system, much like our 7200 series, offers impressive features and capabilities with particular emphasis on reliability and safety. It is based on proven reactor designs developed over the past 25 years. Hundreds of these systems are in use in wafer processing applications throughout the world.

The IoN 40Q has replace this system. Please call customer service about this system.

Did you know that PVA TePla may be able to perform maintenance, repair, or provide parts to this system? Please contact our customer service department for further information.

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