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9102 Plasma system

Features and Specifications

Gasonics/IPC 9102 Ash/Etch system
12"(dia) x 20"(D) quartz barrel, soft pumping and purge valving, low particulate design, 2ea mass flow gas inputs with VCR fittings, all SS plumbing, multi channel/single board computer controlled, with floppy storage, temperature controller, ENI OEM 12B 1250W RF Generator

  • Wafer Size: 4", 6", 8" capability

  • Capacity: 50 8” wafers, 50-75 6” wafers, 100 4” wafers.

  • Chamber: Quartz, compatible with fluorinated chemistry. 12" diameter x 20" deep. External RF electrodes.

  • RF Generator: 1000 watt 13.56 MHz air cooled with automatic impedance matching network. Water cooled optional.

  • Process Pressure: Approx. 120 - 2000 mtorr.

  • Stainless Steel Plumbing.

  • Temperature Monitor: Quartz-coated thermocouple located in the process chamber.

  • Display: Color 12.1" touch screen for control and monitoring of process parameters, automatic recipes, or manual plasma treatments.

  • Two user specified gases, with 500 sccm Stainless Steel MFCs come standard with an optional 3rd and/or 4th gas channel available.

  • Power Requirements: 208 - 240 volts, 3ø, 50/60 Hz 5 wire "wye".

  • A NEMA-12 wall mounting enclosure with locking handle contains the system AC power control for the system and pump, allows for a single source drop for the complete system.

  • CE Certified.

Branson 7102
Branson / IPC 9102 Plasma System

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