Low Cost Plasma System
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Technical Data

Process Chamber
Aluminum - Rectangle

~7 Liters

Inner Dimensions
200 W x 220 H x 160 mm D
7.9 ”W x 9.0”H x 6.2 ”D

RF Generator
20 ~ 100 KHz, 200 Watts (Standard)

  • Optional 13.56 KHz, 200 Watts
  • Optional 13.56 KHz, 300 Watts (chiller required)

Power Requirements
110 VAC or 220 VAC single phase, 10
amp 50/60 Hz, 3 wire

Process Gas
Process Gas 40 Psig
Purge Gas 40 Psig
Compressed Air 40 Psig

650 W x 660 D x 550 H mm
25.59”W x 25.98”H x 31.65”L

59kg / 131lbs.

Vacuum Pump
Rotary Vane, ~3.5 CFM with PFPE


  • 2nd & 3rd Flow-meter
  • Stainless Steel Table (30" Top)

Safety Certification Standards

  • CE Certified
  • EN 61010
  • EN 60204




IoN 7 Plasma System
The IoN 7B is a low cost vacuum plasma technology. Gas plasma is fast becoming the technology of choice for surface modification of materials in the life sciences, electronic and industrial arenas due to its versatility and low impact to our environment. For example, the trend towards miniaturization in medical diagnostics requires precision cleaning and activation. Plasma removes organic contamination several orders of magnitude more efficiently than wet chemical processing. As a result, plasma is replacing older types of treatments that are no longer practical or economical.

The IoN 7B is designed to meet the evolving demands of our customers, emphasizing outstanding versatility and control and at very low cost for our customers surface treatment needs. Its advanced features provide state of the art process control, fail-safe system alarms. The IoN 7B uses radio frequency (RF) generated plasma in a compact, fully integrated package. Its bench top design allows for easy installation in laboratory or production environments.

Features include:

  • Gas Shower Head Integrated door
  • Single gas channel Mass Flow Controller for gas control, 100 sccm, gas type determined by cus-tomer
  • Pressure Measurement, Pirani Gauge
  • View Port, 45mm dia
  • Windows CE operating system
  • 7” touch screen PC interface
  • Vacuum pump, Rotary Vane, ~3.5 CFM, 115V, 60Hz., with mist eliminator and 2m vacuum hose, inlet and hose connection—NW25

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