IoN 3 MHz Low Cost Plasma System
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Technical Data

Process Chamber
High grade, hard anodized

~3 Liters, rectangle chamber

Inner Dimensions
125 W x 125 H x 175 mm D
5”W x 5”H x 7”D

Substrate Work Area
100 W x 75 H x 150 mm D
4”W x 3”H x 6”D

RF Generator
13.56 MHz, Variable 10 to 150 Watts

Power Requirements
Electricity 110 VAC or 220 VAC single phase, 10
amp 50/60 Hz, 3 wire

Process Gas
Regulated to 10 PSIG Connections
made by either .25” O.D. stainless steel
or Teflon tubing

External Gas
.25” FPT, Vacuum pump: KF40 Flange
Dimensions 406.4 W x 406.4 H x 660.4 mm
16”W x 16”H x 26”L

With vacuum pump: 95 lbs
(43 kg)


  • 7CFM 2 stage rotary vane vacuum pump with PFPE
  • N2 purge gas flow meter option
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Table

Safety Certification Standards

  • CE Certified


IoN 3 MHz Plasma System
The IoN 3 MHz is our latest advancement in low cost bench top vacuum plasma systems. The IoN 3 MHz is a small simple to use manually controlled plasma reactor. It has an anodized aluminum chamber. It is ideal for university research laboratories and low volume production facilities. The system has an auto-tuned 13.56 MHz RF power supply. It can be setup to process from 10 to 150 Watts in single Watt increments. Controllable parameters include, time, pressure, power gas flow and mixture. The IoN3 MHz comes standard with 2 gas flow meters and can process CDA, Oxygen, Argon or CF4 gas. The chamber volume is 125 mm W x 125 mm H x 175 D mm. The electrodes allow for small components with a maximum working area of 100 mm W x 75 mm H x 150 mm D. Applications include precision cleaning, bond promotion, surface activation, photo resist ashing and etching.

RIE or Plasma
The system comes with a sample holder with 2 shelves. The user can place their samples on the top shelf for RIE processing or the bottom shelf for plasma processing. RIE processing is more aggressive and the bottom plasma shelf is a more gentle process.

Features include:

  • Chamber Pressure Control
  • Power Matching Network
  • RIE and Plasma Processing
  • High Grade Aluminum Anodized Chamber –
  • Process gases Oxygen, Argon or CF4 gas
  • Diagnostics LED Display
  • Few moving parts – high reliability
  • Instructional video and user manual
  • Unique electrode design
  • Sheet metal used in the IoN 3 MHz system is custom coated to
    increase RF containment – improves tuning and ensures safe
  • Timer

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