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IoN 10V Gas Plasma System

Technical Data

Process Chamber

Material Aluminum

Electrode: 9.0” (230mm) Dia.

Dimensions 12.68” (322mm) Dia.x3.15”H (80mm)

Volume 6.5 Liters (.23cu.ft)

Process Gas Up to 4 gasses, MFC Controlled

Base Pressure .07 mbar (50 mTorr)

Process Pressure .05-1.5 mbar (375-1125 mTorr)

Evacuation Time ~1 minute

Power Requirements

Electricity 230V, I ph., 50/60hz, 10a

Process Gas 1-2 Bar (15-30psi)

Compressed Air 4-6 Bar, capable of delivering 56 Lpm (intermittent)

Purge Gas 1.3-2.7 Bar, capable of delivering 28 l/m (intermittent)

Power Output 13.56 MHz, 300 Watts

Dimensions 686mm x 1003mm x 1270mm (W x D x H)

27” x 39.5” x 48” (W x D x H)

Weight 134 kg / 295 lbs. depends on options


 Input power step-up transformer 115-230 VAC

 Temperature controlled plate

 Light tower

 Printer

 Vacuum pump option:

 12 cfm (20 m3/h)

 18 cfm (31 m3/h)

 28 cfm (48 m3/h)

 Dry and Scroll pumps available

Safety Certification Standards

 CE Certified

 EN 61010

 EN 61326

IoN10V Ion10V open


The IoN 10V plasma system is our latest advance-ment in RF plasma processing. This low cost, mid-sized wafer batch asher is loaded with advanced features and targets the needs of small scale found-ries, universities and start-up companies. The IoN 10V is equipped with new, state of the art components and software to precisely control pro-cessing parameters. This technology has been suc-cessfully used for power transistors, analog devic-es, sensors, optical devices, photonics, MEMS/MOEMS, bio devices, etc. The small footprint of the IoN 10V requires minimal laboratory space and provides for simple installation and maintenance. Leveling casters and brakes al-low for easy installation and flexibility.

Features include:
 Small foot print design
 Stainless Steel chamber accommodating up to 8” wafers
 7” Touch Screen PC Controller with auto and Manual mode operation
 User access control for process development and maintenance programming.
 Plug and play installation
 Pressure Control

Typical application:
 Photo-resist stripping
 Wafer descum
 Wafer cleaning prior to wet etching
 SU-8 removal
 Eching of passivation layers
 RIE Configurable

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