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IoN 100-40 Gas Plasma System

Technical Data

Process Chamber
38 liters
Inner Dimensions
229 x 330 x 483 mm
9” x 13” x 19 ”

Available Electrodes

  • Primary Plasma
  • Vertical Electrode
  • Side wall Electrode
  • Removable 3 & 5 shelf 289 mm x 234 mm 11.38” x 13.15” tray
  • Temperature controlled 3 shelf
  • Low particulate electrode
  •  Secondary Plasma electrode

Process Gas
Mass Flow Control
up to 8 gasses
Process Pressure
Approx. 120-2000 mTorr
(pump and gas flow dependent)
Evacuation Time
~1 minute (pump dependent)

RF Generator
Air cooled
Frequency 100KHZ, 13.56 MHz, 2.45GHz
Power Output 0-600 watts (standard)
0-1250 watts air cooled (optional)

Power Requirements
Electricity 208-240 VAC, 3 phase 30A
50/60 Hz 5-wire (standard)
415-480 VAC, 3 phase 15A
50/60 (optional)
Process Gas Input pressure 1-2 bar / 30 PSI
Purge Gas Input pressure 1-2 bar / 30 PSI
Compressed Air Input pressure 5 bar / 75 PSI

Self contained footprint featuring all power and gas
Roll around chassis with leveling feet

Standard 737 x 1980 x 1118 mm
29” x 78” x 44”
100 liters - A
Optional 635 x 1120 x 1473 mm
25” x 44” x 58”
135 liters - A

350.45 kg / 771 lbs. (standard)


  • 1% pressure monitor
  • Recirculating liquid chiller
  • Pressure controller
  • Light tower
  • Barcode reader
  • Spectrographic endpoint detection
  • MFC upgrade for corrosive gasses
  • Printer
  • Monomer processing kit
  • H2 generator unit
  • Wall mount package
  • Vacuum pumps (rotary vane, dry, scroll and blower package)
  • Vapor phase MFC
  • Vacuum pump options:

            12 cfm (20 m3/h)
            18 cfm (31 m3/h)
            28 cfm (48 m3/h)

  • Dry and Scroll pumps available

Safety Certification Standards

  • CE certified
  • EN 60204
  • EN 61326

The IoN 100-40 is our latest advancement in vacuum plasma technology. Gas plasma is fast becoming the technology of choice for surface modification of materials in the life sciences, electronic and industrial arenas due to its versatility and low impact to our environment. For example, the trend towards miniaturization in medical diagnostics requires precision cleaning, and selective chemical functionalization. Plasma removes organic contamination several orders of magnitude more efficiently than wet chemical processing and can chemically functionalize surfaces at the nano-scale.  As a result, plasma is replacing older types of treatments that are no longer practical or economical.

The IoN 100-40 is designed to meet the evolving demands of our customers, emphasizing versatility and control for their surface treatment needs. Its advanced features provide state of the art process control, fail-safe system alarms and data capturing software. This enables the system to meet stringent quality control programs in the Life Science industries. The IoN 100-40 uses radio frequency (RF) generated plasma in a compact, fully integrated package. Another design feature of the new IoN 100-40 is the ability to quickly and easily alternate between different chamber types and electrode configurations.

Features include:

  • Flexible quick change electrode and chamber options
  • Plug and Play self installation
  • Onboard gas generator package option
  • Energy saving control feature for lowest cost of ownership
  • Configurable chamber that can accommodate various electrode
    configurations for small sized complex 3-dimensional parts or high
    volume large part processing
  • Industrial computer with a Windows® based system
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) software complies with CFR Title 24 Part 11 and Semi E95-1101
  • User access control for separate process development, operator and maintenance programming and control
  • Configurable process tolerance controls allowing precise lot-to-lot repeatability
  • Remote statistical process control monitoring via Ethernet
  • Onboard diagnostic features and alarm logging
  • Recipe editor offers fast and versatile step control functionality
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) touch panel and keyboard

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