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Heat Vacuum Dryer

Technical Data

  • Process temperature: ~ 50-60 oC.
  • Load: 6 baskets, each with 20-30 kg Si materials.
  • Batch process time: within 60 minutes.
  • Vacuum chamber:Aluminum plates, non-welding structure, inner dimension 390 mm (W) x 1,457 mm (H) x 720 mm (D). Viton seal o-rings and Silicone sealant.
  • Loading stage:3 levels, Teflon roller guide, collecting trays at the bottom of each basket. Motorized pantograph elevation platform.
  • Loading basket: 300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm, punch-hole Teflon material, self weight 9 kg each.
  • Clean hot air unit: Heater KANTHAL, 2x 2 kW, quartz tube 145 mm (ID) 460 mm (L), pure poly-silicon used as heat exchange medium.
  • Pumping system: 4 sets of diaphragm vacuum pump in parallel, pumping speed ~ 120 l/min for each pump, ultimate pressure ~10 mbar without material loading.
  • Pressure gauge: Buldon tube gauge, 10-1000 mbar.
  • Process control: Integrated automatic control.

Utility & Footprint

  • Power: 3 Phase, AC 480 V, 60 Hz, 30 kVA approx. Single Phase, AC 230 V, 60Hz, 1kVA.
  • Compressed Air: 70-100 psi, > 5 l/min, connector size ?8mm nylon tube.
  • Exhaust: > 5 m3/min, -4.2 psi, connector 100 mm diameter.
  • Footprint: 2,495 mm (L) x 1,240 mm (W) x 2,300 mm (H).
  • Weight: 1,600 kg / 3,560 lbs.


  • Electrical power black-out protection.
  • Alarm light tower: 3-color tower light, Colors R, G, Y.


Heat Vacuum Dryer allows cracked Si materials to be dried effectively, and it is typically equipped in conjunction with Si Thermal Cracker and De-ionized Water Re-circulation System. Main features include:

The system enables fast drying of high-purity Si materials after the wet quenching process, under vacuum and at elevated temperatures. Batch load capacity is 120-180kg, and process cycle finishes within 1 hour. As a result, production throughput is approx. 2-3 tons of Si materials per day. To avoid metal contaminations, Si materials are loaded into baskets made of Teflon material, and ultra clean hot air is used to warm up loaded materials. Unique system designs allow for safe and ergonomic handling of Si materials.

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