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Anisotropic conductive film


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Anisotropic conductive film
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Anisotropic conductive film
Plasma is used to promote the adhesion of anisotropic conductive film in flat panel display manufacture
An LDI chip is attached to a tape-carrier package (TCP), and then connected to the thin film transistor (TFT) -array substrate. Anisotropic conducting film (ACF) is applied to the contact pads, where the stripe-shaped contact leads are formed as a group. After TCP alignment they are pressure-bonded. The drive-circuit components are mounted onto a multi-layered PCB using a surface-mount technology (SMT). A soldering method is usually employed to connect the gate and control PCBs to the other end of the TCP leads, but in some cases ACF bonding can be used. Plasma is used to clean and activate surfaces prior to application of Anistropic Conductive Film (ACF).

  • Tape automated bonding (TCP- PCB / TCP / LCD)
  • Chip on Glass (IC – LCD)
  • Chip on Board (IC – PCB)
  • Chip on Film (IC – FPC)
  • Plasma Display (FPC – PDP)


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