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Plasma surface treatments


Plasma Based Solutions:

Printed Circuit Board
Desmear / Etch Back
Carbon Ash
Teflon Activation
Electronic Devices
Adhesion Promotion
Adhesion Promotion
Feedthrough Potting
Anisotropic conductive film
Optical Disk Mastering
Stamper Cleaning
Stamper Conditioning



Plasma is used in the electronics industry for a wide variety of applications ranging from adhesion promotion of encapsulants and adhesives, to enhancing the release properties of optical disc master stampers. The power of plasma to precision clean surfaces prior to metallization and solid state bonding has been recognized by industries such as automotive, where it is used prior to spot welding, and printed circuit board fabrication where it is used to clean drill smear prior to metallization. Electronic connectors and feedthroughs rely on plasma to promote surface wetting properties of adhesives, encapsulants and sealants. This insures leak free devices in products such as water meters and submersible connectors, and is especially used for critical devices such as implantable cardiac defibrillators and pacemakers.


Plasma Treatment for Electronics

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