Diamond Coating
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Plasma Coating

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Coating Types

Hydrophilic (non-lubricious)

  • Carboxyl 
  • Amine (1, 2 or 3
  • Alcohol 
  • SIO2

Hydrophobic (CA = 90-120◦)

  • Teflon-like (high F:C ratio)
  • PDMS

Superhydrophobic (CA > 150◦)

  • Pulse plasma  (fluoropolymer)
  • Differential etching  (many)

Quartz-like barrier coating (flexible)

Diamond-like Coating




Diamond-like Coating

PVA Tepla America’s Diamond-like Coating (DLC) shows a number of useful properties for improving wear resistant on a wide variety of small parts.  Our amorphous, carbon-based coating has very high hardness, low friction and chemical inertness which is smooth to the touch after processing.  Our DLC is a thin film (< 1um) and highly reproducible when applied using a PVA Tepla America PECVD system with tumbler electrode. Our process is both low pressure and low temperature so as not to damage delicate parts. Examples of coated parts for our low friction, wear resistant, very hard and well adhered DLC include:

  • rubber seals
  • ceramic washers
  • guides in textile washing machines
  • cutting taps
  • punches/dies

In addition, the coatings are shiny and black and are aesthetically quite appealing.

  • Activated Linkers
    • Aldehyde
    • Carboxyl
    • Amine
    • Alcohol


Diamond Coating

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