Silicon Cracker
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Silicon Thermal Cracker

Technical Data

  • Process temperature: 500 950 C.
  • Load: up to 250 kg, ingot blocks, tops, tails, poly-Si rods.
  • Batch process time: 45 60 min.
  • Heater element: 490 mm (ID) X 1,200 mm (L), clam shell construction; heating zone length 1,000 mm. Heaters: KANTHAL materials, 70 elements, 80 kW power under typical operations, covered with water-cooled Titanium (Ti) and quartz plates.
  • Load basket: Water cooled, welded S.S. pipes with Ti coating, automatic basket transferring.
  • DIW Bath: 478 liter in volume, HT PVC materials, with temperature and DIW resistivity monitoring.
  • Temperature control: PID control, 4 zones, R-type thermocouple mounted in ceramic tube.
  • Cooling water: DIW, 18.2 M?, Temp = 20-25C
  • Process control: Integrated automatic control.

Utilities & Footprint

  • Power: 480 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 4-wire, max 85 kVA. Also, 230 V, 1 phase, max 2 kVA. Grounding connection is required for safety.
  • Compressed dry air: 70-100 psi pressure, 60 l/min.
  • Cooling water: 30 l/min, = 6 psi pressure, 20 - 25C.
  • DIW: 40 l/min, 4-5 psi pressure, 18.2 M?, 20 - 25C.
  • Exhaust: 30 m/min, -4.2 psi, 150 mm (dia.) pipe.
  • Footprint: 3,150 mm (W) x 3,000 mm (D) x 2,450 mm (H).
  • Weight: approx. 3,500 kg / 7,800 lbs.


  • Furnace door: automatic, pneumatic cylinder drive.
  • Alarm light tower: 3-color tower light, colors R, G, Y.
  • Safety door:2 panels with hinged door.
  • Other safety interlock devices are also equipped.

Complimentary Systems

  • Heat vacuum dryer
  • DIW re-circulation system

Silicon Thermal Cracker offers unique advantages to crack poly-Si rods and re-melt Si materials.

Main features include:

  • Proprietary designs allows for minimal contacts between Si and hard metal objects, and thus cracking processes free of metal contaminations.
  • System automations drastically improve production throughput, by ~10 times when compared with conventional cracking methods.
  • It enables Si materials handling and cracking to be safe and ergonomic to operators.
  • The size distribution of the final cracked silicon materials can be precisely tailored according to customer specifications.
  • Typical process time for a batch of 150-190 kg silicon materials is 45-60 minutes.



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