ION 3 Low Cost Plasma System
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Contract Plasma Wettability

Plasma Wettability Process

Wettability Process
This process will remove organic contaminates by a plasma chemical reaction using one of the proposed gas listed above.
GASES: O2, Ar, or Air.
RF POWER: 600 Watts - 1000 Watts
PRESSURE: 100 - 300 Torr

Low Pressure Clean: Use low pressure and High RF power for about 20- 30 min

High Pressure Clean: Use high press and low RF power for about 20 -30 min

Call us today for the advantages and disadvantages of high pressure clean vs low pressure clean.

Preferred Tools
Plasma Cleaning

Enhanced wettability
Wettability of hydrophobic materials by using a plasma process will help liquid material spread over the treated surface easily. The plasma process at PVA TePla America will take a hydrophobic material to hydrophilic state in a matter of minutes by removing contaminants and by applying the right chemical preparation to make the material more hydrophilic.
One example of this technology is to apply this application to PTFE to make it more wettable. Gas plasma surface modification has also solved many of the compromises between bulk and surface properties of fluoropolymers and PVA TePla America’s plasma activation processes provides PTFE with increased wettability and bonadibility to adhesives, inks, and selective biomaterials with remarkable improvements in stability and treatment lifetime. Better control of specific chemical functionality on PTFE has also been attained, adding flexibility to its use in biological media by enabling the conjugation of bioactive molecules to its surface.
PVA Tepla America offers contract processing services for enhanced wettability. Our techniques have been implemented for over 40 years. Call us today for a free proof of process and contract process service quote..


Research and Development Services are available to identify and characterize new and unique surface treatments to your specifications.


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