ION 3 Low Cost Plasma System
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Contract Plasma Cleaning

Plasma Cleaning Process

Plasma Cleaning
This process will remove organic contaminates by a plasma chemical reaction using one of the proposed gas listed above.
GASES: O2, Ar, or Air.
RF POWER: 300 Watts - 1000 Watts
PRESSURE: 300 - 800 mtorr

Low Pressure Clean: Use low pressure and High RF power.

High Pressure Clean: Use high press and low RF power.

Call us today for the advantages and disadvantages of high pressure clean vs low pressure clean.

Preferred Tools
Plasma Cleaning

Plasma Cleaning is a dry, solvent free technology used to precision clean substrates at the molecular level. Precision cleaning is a requirement for a broad spectrum of industries with applications ranging from semiconductor wafer cleaning in micro-electronics to  bio-burden decontamination of medical devices. Achieving and maintaining surface cleanliness at the molecular level during manufacturing unique methodologies.

Gas plasma cleaning removes surface contamination at the molecular level following machining, tooling and wet chemical processing steps. Plasma precision cleaning is a conformal process, not only for substrates of complex geometries but also on textured surfaces with “rough” topographies.

Since plasma cleaning is a dry process there are none of the liabilities associated with wet chemistry, such as exposure, chemical storage and waste disposal, health and safety restrictions on the use of dangerous solvents, solvent absorption into product, etc. This is the reason that plasma cleaning has earned itself the status “The green alternative to solvent cleaning”. 

PVA Tepla America offers contract processing services for precision plasma cleaning. Our techniques have been implemented for over 40 years. Call us today for a demonstration or quotation.


Research and Development Services are available to identify and characterize new and unique surface treatments to your specifications.


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