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Plasma Activation

Plasma Activation
This process will remove organic contaminates by a plasma chemical reaction using one of the proposed gas listed above.
GASES: O2, Ar, or Air.
RF POWER: 600 Watts - 1000 Watts
PRESSURE: 100 - 300 Torr

Low Pressure Clean: Use low pressure and High RF power for about 20- 30 min

High Pressure Clean: Use high press and low RF power for about 20 -30 min

Call us today for the advantages and disadvantages of high pressure clean vs low pressure clean.

Preferred Tools
Plasma Cleaning

Plasma Activation
Surface activation is a method to modify an existing surface to improve performance of a subsequent surface process such as coating, bonding, etc.  At PVA Tepla America, we use a variety of plasma methods including oxidation, reduction and coating.  The exact method of activation is highly dependent on the application and lifetime requirements.  The most common methods of activation include:

Plasma Activation or Plasma Functionalization is a method used to modify or improve adhesion properties of surfaces prior to coating, painting, bonding, etc. Commonly, the surface in question is a polymer material and an ionized oxygen plasma can be used.  Other gasses are often used depending on the material type and the required lifetime of the treatment.

Activation  of the surface occurs through the following processes:
Removal of weak boundary layers. Plasma strips away surface layers with the lowest molecular weight, at the same time it oxidizes the uppermost atomic layer of the polymer.

Cross-linking of surface molecules. Oxygen radicals assist in breaking up bonds and promote the 3 dimensional cross bonding of molecules
Generation of polar groups. Oxidation of the polymer is responsible for the increase in polar groups which is directly related to the adhesion properties of the surface.

PVA Tepla has many unique procesess used to apply this technology for the application of potting for  hermetic sealing, Coating of many different  materials or functional groups, and activation treatment of medical devices.


Research and Development Services are available to identify and characterize new and unique surface treatments to your specifications.


Sample Request Form... If you are interested in submitting samples for analysis please download and fill out our sample request form or contact our customer service department at 1.800.527.5667 for more information.


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