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Contact Angle Goniometer


Increasing surface free energy

The higher the surface free energy of a solid, the better the adhesion and wetting. Materials with low surface free energy, in particular plastics, are often subjected to activating pre-treatment before bonding, coating or printing. Common treatment methods include plasma treatment, corona treatment and flame treatment as well as the chemical action of oxidizing gases such as fluorine and ozone.

Contact angle measurement instruments by Krüss determine the surface free energy, and quantify the success of the treatment process. An important partial result of these measurements is the polar fraction of the surface free energy. This describes the extent to which the plastic surface has approached the polar liquid, water, from a surface chemical point of view. As a result, the polar fraction characterizes the affinity with water-based paints and coating substances.

Additionally measuring the surface tension of a coating substance enables the work of adhesion, as a measure of the bonding, and the interfacial tension, as a parameter for the long-term stability, to be calculated. The coating quality can be specifically optimized based on the results. Pick your instrument today and call us for quote.

Drop Shape Analyzer
Kruss DSA25

  • Characterization of surface pre-treatment processes
  • Checking the wettability of plastic, glass, ceramic, wood or metal
  • Checking surface cleanliness

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