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Plasma Coatings

Plasma Coating

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Coating Types
  • Phosphorylcholine (PC)
  • PEG-like
  • PVP

Hydrophilic (non-lubricious)

  • Carboxyl 
  • Amine (1, 2 or 3
  • Alcohol 
  • SIO2

Hydrophobic (CA = 90-120◦)

  • Teflon-like (high F:C ratio)
  • PDMS

Superhydrophobic (CA > 150◦)

  • Pulse plasma  (fluoropolymer)
  • Differential etching  (many)

Quartz-like barrier coating (flexible)

Diamond-like Coating





Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
PVA TePla America specializes in applying thin film coatings via PECVD.  This technique allows for molecules in the gas-phase to be deposited onto a solid surface via plasma activation.   Our low pressure PECVD chambers typically use an Rf generator (13.56 MHz) and matching network but can also be installed with 40 or 100KHz generators.  Our plasma chambers are different from most commercial tools in that options such as vapor-phase mass flow controllers, heated gas lines and our monomer delivery system allow for many specialized liquids or solids to be converted into the gas-phase for plasma activation and subsequent thin film deposition.  Our systems do not sputter, instead we using a capacitive electrode and our proprietary Ion-series software to control the plasma from lightly ionizing to highly accelerating electrons in the field.  This enables the systems to deposit films in a number of ways, but most typically in the following manners:

  1. Dissociate molecules and have their high energy fragments deposit onto the surface; or
  2. Initiate a free radical polymerization which grows on the surface.

This level of control allows for a wide variety of small molecules and monomers to be activated for deposition.  In addition, unlike encapsulating coatings, our films are covalently bound to the substrate which improves their adhesion strength and abrasion resistance.

PVA Tepla America offers free proof of principal experiments, contract research and contract processing.  Our techniques have been implemented for over 40 years. Call us today for a free proof of process and contract process service quote.

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