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Plasma Applications

Semiconductor Plasma Applications


Advanced Chip Packaging plasma applications include plasma wafer cleaning  for wafer level packaging, chip carrier plasma cleaning prior to wire bonding, encapsulation and Flip Chip underfill.

Life Science Plasma Applications

Life Sciences

Surfaces that come in contact with biological environments such as the human body can be engineered to elicit specific biological responses, e.g. anti-fouling, anti-microbial, anti-thrombogenic etc. This can be achieved by direct use of plasma produced surfaces.

Plasma Applications for Electronics


The power of plasma to precision clean surfaces prior to metallization and solid state bonding has been recognized by industries such as automotive, where it is used prior to spot welding, and printed circuit board fabrication where it is used to clean drill smear prior to metallization.

Plasma applications for Industrial Use


Gas Plasma is used widely throughout the world for a broad variety of industrial applications covering industries such as automotive, aerospace, batteries, electrical, food packaging, electronics, fuel cells, glass, optics, plastics, packaging, shipbuilding, space, and textiles.

Plasma Coatings


PC Technology is used in the manufacture of contact lenses, drug-eluting coronary stents, urological devices, soft tissue implants and in numerous other applications. Devices incorporating PC have been marketed in the US for over 12 years and the materials are the subject of FDA masterfiles.

Plasma Cleaning

Plasma Cleaning

Gas plasma technology is commonly used to precision clean and activate, decontaminate surfaces, promote adhesion of functional bio-molecules and in conjunction with specific chemical vapors sterilize in-vivo and in-vitro medical devices.

Plasma Activation

Plasma Activation

For synthetic polymer platforms to improve cellular attachment, survivability and proliferation, they must be surface modified.
PVA TePla America have applied their expertise in gas plasma technology to solving attachment problems of adherent cells to culture plates.

Plasma Materials


Surface cleanliness is a critical prerequisite to bonding. Finding a cleaning protocol for your material, however, can be both exhaustive and confusing. Not only is a standard of cleanliness needed for your product, your methods need to comply with restrictions imposed by regulatory bodies such as the EPA and FDA.

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