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Business: 951-371-2500
Sales: 800-527-5667
Fax: 951-346-3232

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Im Westpark 10 -12, 35435
Wettenberg, Germany
Tel: +49 (641) 686900

Let us put your surface to the test. We offer complete in-house analytical capabilities as a service to scientists and engineers.
We can assist in the analysis of surface chemistry, contamination detection, test cleaning system effectiveness, and perform bond strength testing.

Call us to discuss your specific requirements and to develop a process suited for your application.

OFFERINGS at U.S.A, Corona, Ca

  • ESCA (XPS)
  • Contact Angle Goniometer
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Instron Tensile Strength Tester

OFFERINGS at PVA TePla AG, Germany

  • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)
  • Contact Angle Goniometer (Krüss DAS 100)
  • Die Strength Analysis (Breaking device)
  • Wafer Thickness Tester
  • Coating Thickness Tester
  • Bond Strength Tester
  • Semi Automatic Bonder


Sample Request Form... If you are interested in submitting samples for analysis please download and fill out our sample request form or contact our customer service department at 1.800.527.5667 for more information.

For Analytical Services please contact:

Dr. Michael Barden
Director of R & D

251 Corporate Terrace
Corona, CA 92879

951-371-2500 x246 business phone

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