Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Systems
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Custom Scanning Acoustic Microscope Systems


TePla Analytical Systems proprietary measurement and analysis software.
Dedicated non destructive imaging and analysis of structures inside any bulk specimen 3-D reconstruction

Display of mechanical properties of samples (hardness, density, stress, etc.)
► Time of flight measurement (A-scan)
► Cross-section images (B-scan)
► XY images: C-scan, Dscan, autoscan, multiscan

► Fault statistics
► Histogram analysis
► Integrated measurement functions
► Film thickness measurement
► Multifunctional image processing
► Non-destructive depth measurement
► Defect maps including result files

►Auto alignment
► Automatic X- Y- Z-scan and storage of all instrument parameters
► Automatic fault recognition
► Remote control
► Fast auto sample detection
► Auto gate and gain control
► Auto signal analysis?
►Auto loader system integration
►SECS interface
►Integration of bar code readers
►High speed robot for wafer up to 12 inch-

Special customized solutions for inline process diagnostic and control:
►Automation Solutions
► Inline inspection from 2 - 12 inch
► Clean room compatibility down to class 10
► Integrated data analysis and automation software, fab
►communication by SECS interface
► Twin and Quad Scanner for highest throughput
► Arrays of 2 or more transducers for simultaneous image acquisition
► Fast data acquisition by master slave computer configuration, enabling of transducer arrays for maximum throughput


Rotation Scanner: Cylinder scans for material science and quality control HISA: Active autofocus during X,Y - C-scans
Spin Dryer: For water drying Water Circulation System: Automated water
exchange, particle filter, UV filter, de-gassing system
Dual Tray Scan, including 2 x puls echo and 2 x
through scan
Quad Wafer Scan, Wafer Map
High speed robot for wafer handling Pre-aligner and bar code reader
Drying unit Vacuum wafer chuck: 8 inch / 12 inch bridge tool
4 transducers for high throughput wafer testing Scanning fields are assembles to one acoustic
image and automatically analysed


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