Inline Plasma Treatment System
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Inline High Capacity PECVD

Technical Specifications:

Process Chambers

Stainless Steel

3 stages with integrated gate valves

Tray Size
Standard- 12”x 16”
(304.8mm x 406.4mm)

 Substrate Holder
Custom Fixtures - Inquire

Plasma Source
Proprietary – Low Density

RF Generator
Process Dependent

Process Gasses  Process Configurable

Mass Flow Control
up to 6 gasses, 3 MFC’s+Alt. gas

Vapor Phase
25- 50 sccm chemical dependent

Mass Flow Control

Process Gas
Input 1.4 - 2.7 bar (20-40 psi)

Purge Gas
Input 1.4 - 2.7 bar (30-40 psi)

Compressed Air
Input 5.4- 6.8 bar (80-100 psi)

Process Pressure
100-2000 mTorr
(pump & gas flow dependent)

Evacuation Time
Approximately 60 seconds
(substrate & material dependent)

Power Input
208-240 VAC, 3 phase 30A
380- 415 VAC, 3 phase 15A
50/60 Hz

 83.78”   Length  (2128mm)
(without Conveyors)
37.65  Width (956.31mm)
58.23  Height (1479mm)  

Total Length  131.78”
Length (3347mm)
(with Conveyors)

(with crate)  2641 lbs./ 1198 kg System
949 lbs.430 kg Pumps/Conveyors                     


  • Capacitance Manometer 1% pressure monitor
  • Pressure Controller
  • Light Tower
  • Bar Code Reader
  • Recirculating liquid chiller
  • Monomer processing kit &  heated gas lines
  • Gas Monomer Alternative Gas Selection
  • Direct Liquid Injector System
  • Precision Syringe Dosing Unit
  • N2/H2 Generator
  • Abatement System
  • USP (U.S. Pharmacopeia) Class VI Component Standards

Safety Certification Standards

  • CE certified
  • 2006/95/EC, Low Voltage Directive
  • Standard IEC EN 61010
  • 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Standard IEC EN 61326
  • CISPR 55011


Inline High Capacity PECVD & Etch System | Plasma Treatment System
Inline Plasma Treatment System Inline Lens Inline Medical

Inline Plasma Treatment System

The ILHC is a continuous high speed vacuum plasma system. It offers full process control for plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), etching, cleaning and activation in a high production environment.

Gas plasma is the technology of choice for surface modification of materials in the life sciences, consumer electronic electronics, semiconductors and a variety of industrial components. This new and unique system design has moved plasma technology field to new level of performance and capability.

The ILHC was designed to meet high production flow requirements of our customers. It provides fast process treatment times, excellent uniformity and precise thickness control. Its features provide state of the art process control, fail-safe systems with alarms and full data capturing and reporting software.

The ILHC uses radio frequency (RF) generated plasma combined with a unique conveyor system in a well laid out and fully integrated package. The design allows for easy installation and maintenance in production environments.

Features include:

  • Easy loading and unloading of substrates
  • Standard or customized trays and substrate fixtures
  • Configurable plasma source design scalable for small to large  3-dimensional parts or ultra high volume small part processing
  • Flexible  RF Power Generator & Match based on process requirements
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) software complies with CFR Title 21 Part 11 and Semi E95-1101
  • User access control for independent separate process development
  • Process tolerance controls allowing precise lot-to-lot repeatability
  • Remote statistical process control monitoring via Ethernet
  • Onboard diagnostic features and alarm logging
  • Recipe editor offers fast and versatile step control functionality
  • Large (LCD) touch panel and keyboard provided with the PC Windows® based control system feature
  • Robotic Interface allows complete hands free operation



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