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GIGAfab Gen 2

Technical Specifications:

Plasma Chamber:
 W x H x D = 720 x 140 x 620 mm

Plasma Generation:
 MW Frequency 2.45 GHz, max. 4000 Watt
 variable power

System Dimension:
 W x H x D = approx. 1.750 x 1.700 x 950 mm

Weight: 750 kg

  Additional Gas Channel


Related Applications:

  • Pixel Activation
  • Flat Panel Photoresist Ashing
  • Bond Finger Cleaning

    GIGAfab Gen2 M
    (manual loading version)
    The plasma system GIGAfab Gen2 is designed for process development of flat panel displays. The chamber is loaded manually. The glass plates are easily placed in a flat position on the extractable drawer. Depending on the gas selected, the plasma has various chemical effects on the surface to be treated. The efficient microwave plasma source has no electrodes, ensuring fast and uniform processing of large substrates.

    GIGAfab Gen2 P
    The GIGAfab Gen2 P is designed for production and features automated loading capabilities by an external robot. The system is equipped with a temperature controlled substrate plate with pins and gate valve.

    GIGAfab Gen3 M
    (manual loading version)
    The planar source technology allows easy scaling to larger panel size

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