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Microwave Plasma System 400 Inline

Technical Specifications:

Plasma Chamber:
 Aluminum, W x H x D = 400 x 400 x 400 mm

Plasma Generation:
 MW Frequency 2.45 GHz
 max. 1.000 Watt
 variable power

System Dimension:
 W x H x D = approx. 930 x 1.000 x 800 mm

  160 kg, Table Top Model

  Vacuum Pump System
  Additional gas channels 3-4
  Aluminum rotary platform, 350 mmŲ

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PS 400 Inline

Inline Plasma System 400

The Microwave Plasma Systems 400 Inline are the most versatile plasma cleaners in the world of chip packaging. Our unique microwave plasma process technology serves a broad spectrum of applications including plasma cleaning before wire bonding, mold and FlipChip underfill as well as the cleaning of whole wafers (up to 12"). Featuring electrode-free energy feeding and plasma generation, the 400 Inline systems deliver unsurpassed flexibility. This electrode-free power coupling is key to the treatment of substrates in closed, non-slotted magazines in the downstream process.

Slotted magazines are processed perfectly on a rotating platform.

In addition, the ECR mode is an extra function of these plasma systems.

As production tools, the Microwave Plasma Systems 400 Inline provide high throughput and serve the full 360° of chip packaging applications.

The devices are noted for their highly user-friendly interface and easily mastered operating platform. The Plasma System 400 Series is available with a hinged or sliding-type door design.

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