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Technical Specifications:

Plasma Chamber:
 Anodized Aluminum
 Diameter 460mm
 Volume: 80 liter

Plasma Generation:
 MW Frequency 2.45 GHz
 max. 2000 Watt
 variable power

System Dimension:
 W x H x D = approx. 850 x 2000 x 1300 mm
 Weight: 550 kg

  Additional gas channels
  Cooling units for MW and Check cooling
  Vacuum pump system

Related Applications:

  • Stress Relief
  • Chip Side Stress Relief
  • Post CMP Treat Ment
  • Wafer Thinning
  • Passivation

    Manual Remote Microwave Plasma System

    The GIGAfab 4008 ASYNTIS Mis a remote cold plasma system based on microwave plasma generation. The manual machine is ideally suited for many different applications such as stress relief, special surface treatments and wafer thinning. In this plasma system the dry etching effect is based on pure chemical reaction of reactive plasma particles (radicals) guided through the chamber downstream configuration.

    The GIGAfab 4008 ASYNTIS M system is easy to operate and features simple manual loading and unloading. The process does not require any additional substrate cleaning. The surface treatment is performed strictly by pure radical species. The electron-free and ion-free processing is the key factor for the successful treatment of extreme sensitive silicon substrates like NAND and DRAM. The plasma is generated by a 2.45 GHz Magnetron located about 60 cm above the wafer on top of the process chamber. Compatible with run all wafer sizes as well as 8” and 12” framed wafers.

    This Tool is ideally suited for process development and pilot line production.

    •Wafer Level Back-Side Stress Relief (active side faces backgrinding tape)
    •Side Wall Die Etching (Chip Side Healing, CSH)
    •Contact free exposing 3D-TSV (AES Process, active side faces dicing tape)
    •Contact free exposing 3D-TSV (active side faces backgrinding tape)
    •Wafer Level Back-Side Stress Relief (AES Process, active side faces dicing tape)
    •Wafer Level and Die Level Thinning (AES Process, active side faces dicing tape)
    •Wafer Level and Die Level Thinning (active side faces backgrinding tape)
    •Dry and Damage free Wafer Dicing (AES Process, active side faces dicing tape)
    •Dry and Damage free Wafer Dicing (Dicing by Etching DbE, active side faces up)
    •Low Temperature Surface Passivation and Roughening
    •Single chip treatment on tape
    •Broken wafers treatment on tape


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