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Technical Specifications:

Plasma Chamber:
 W x H x D = 410 x 140 x 410 mm

Plasma Generation:
 MW Frequency 2.45 GHz
 max. 1600 Watt
 variable power

System Dimension:
 W x H x D = approx. 850 x 2.000 x 1300 mm
 Weight: 550 kg
  Additional gas channels
  Vacuum pump

Related Applications:

  • Photoresist Ashing
  • SU8 Ashing

    The GIGAfab series targets SU-8 Removal, MEMS Fabrication, Wafer Bumping and Flat Panel Display Technology.

    These systesms feature:

    • Unique planar source geometry.
    • Temperature-controlled substrate plate for large area processing. (plate: 310 x 310 mm)
    • Drawer type unloading / loading.
    • Multiple substrates for Descum, Ashing and Surface Conditioning.
    • Microwave power: 2000 Watt max.
    • Certified Hydrogen gas option available.

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