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Plasma Applications for Life Sciences
Plasma Applications for Electronics
Plasma Applications for Industrial
Plasma systems for wafer cleaning, photoresist ashing and descum, chip carrier cleaning, flip chip underfill pretreatment, wafer and chip stress relief, wafer stress metrology and non destructive failure analysis systems .
Gas plasma technology is commonly used to precision clean and activate, decontaminate surfaces, promote adhesion of functional bio-molecules and in conjunction with specific chemical vapors sterilize in-vivo and in-vitro medical devices.
Plasma Systems are used in the electronics industry for a wide variety of applications ranging from adhesion promotion of encapsulants and adhesives, to enhancing the release properties of optical disc master stampers
PVA TePla is a market leader in microwave plasma processing systems used in the fabrication of microchips, MEMS devices, photovoltaic cells, flat panel displays and detectors, and most industrial applications.


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